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WHat Is LumenIZE?

‘Unlock the Power of LumenIZE™—Arcadia Reptile introduces the first app-controlled T5 UV-B and JungleDawn LED Bar systems, combining precise control with energy efficiency.  Your key to bespoke reptile lighting and advancing animal welfare.’  

Arcadia Reptile has always had ever-expanding animal welfare at its heart. Our driving values are linked directly to improving standards of care and allowing animals to be kept without detriment effectively and ethically. Wild Re-creation and naturalism are key to these values.  

Animals have changed slowly over time to take everything that they require to thrive from the providers that exist around them. Core to this is the energy of the sun which is the provider for all life.  

The all-new LumenIZE range of ProT5 and JungleDawn-LED Bars have undergone a total redevelopment with every aspect designed to increase welfare, improve user interaction, allow choice of control, increase levels of safety and reduce running costs.  

Do you want to have 4-hour graduated dawn, 4-hour midday and 4-hour sunset? LumenIZE does that easily.  Do you want to add a touch of seasonality to help with breeding? LumenIZE does that and so much more.  

LumenIZE control uses fluid dimming rather than stepped, which means that output can be adjusted smoothly rather than in staged jumps.  

‘Lumen’ = a quantity or unit of visible light.  

‘Integrated’ = all tech is built in and with no bolt-on extras.  

‘Zoological’ = The study of and keeping of animals in a professional, high-welfare way.  

‘Environmentology’ = The study of and replication of natural habitats and environments.  


What makes LumenIZE different to some controllable LED kits made for aquariums? 

Yes, the aquatics hobby has had controllable LED systems for a long time now. These tend to be prohibitively expensive, use diodes of many colours, cause striped light patterns and have a low PAR potential. Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE systems differ greatly from lighting designed to be used over water. Firstly, LumenIZE controls UV-B-producing lamps. For the first time, we can control photoperiod and unit of energy quantity via smooth dimming. This allows keepers to provide sun-like levels of energy in a naturalistic and sun-like way. LumenIZE also allows control of the LumenIZE JungleDawn-LED Bar.   

Do you want to provide wild-like sunrise and sunset cycles for both UV-B lamps and JungleDawn-LED Bar? LumenIZE DOES THAT!

Arcadia Reptile UV lamps are made to the very highest standards and are trusted by keepers and professionals globally. However, one issue remains, control! There have not yet been any easy-to-use, affordable and trustworthy methods of control for UV-producing lamps. Indeed, dawn-to-dusk dimming has only been available to the few and at a high price.  

The main issue with existing tech is, that in almost all cases animals are sent from ‘night’ to full midday sun values in a matter of moments after the timers gone on each day and then plunged into darkness when the timers go off without any natural graduation or warning. This was the best that we could do, but it was not good enough! 

Basic Timings Standard
Standard Daily Cycle

Introducing Arcadia Reptile ‘LumenIZE’, App controlled Smart lighting systems that puts you in control so that you can increase animal welfare by providing ever more natural lighting systems .

All LumenIZE product has now been upgraded to the IP65 standard of water resistance, meaning that LumenIZE ProT5 and JungleDawn-LED Bars can now be safely used in or over a humid environment. We have even designed a brand new ‘easy change’ T5 lamp system that makes lamp change simple, reduces accidental lamp damage and does not have a ‘rotate to lock’ mechanism. See the ‘lamp change’ section for more info.

ProT5 LED Bar Basic Timings
LumenIZE Daily Cycle

LumenIZE has a memory! Yes, there is a memory built into each bar and this memory is backed up with a replaceable internal battery (see ‘change my battery section). In the event of a power outage, the lamp will turn off but the lamp’s memory will keep running. When power is returned the lamp will illuminate at exactly the right % of output and time.  

LumenIZE kits that are connected to the LumenIZE app can have password protection if you choose to use it. This can help stop helpful visitors ‘tinkering’ with your settings.  

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