As a brand and a hobby it is vital that we always try to be more inclusive, in this way we include more of the hobby and help to increase animal welfare through the better delivery of educational and informative videos. We are honoured to be able to support the hearing impaired community with a promise to include versions of our educational and product information videos in British Sign Language. British Sign Language, or ‘BSL’ is a wonderful, core form of British English and is available to learn at most local educational facilities. We also recognise that there are hundreds of other forms of signed languages around the world. As a British Brand we have started with BSL as our home language. We would of course be delighted at any point to include ASL etc if the ability to do so became available.

We can only encourage our users to become ever more aware of hearing limitations and give some thought into learning some basic signs, applicable to your own local form of this highly creative and rather beautiful form of communication.

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