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Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE® enabled ProT5 and JungleDawn-Led Bars have integration at their core. They use a bespoke Bluetooth connection between each lamp and your app-enabled device to store programmed information within each lamp. In this way, each lamp can be named and support its own programme.  They do not require a WIFI connection to function as each lamp stores the programme within itself, this is also backed up with a small battery. This battery will keep the programme and clocks running should a localised power interruption occur.  

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The easy-to-use LumenIZE® App allows accurate control of up to 50 differing lamps with each being able to have its own name assigned to it and its own light cycle programmed. LumenIZE® data is stored in the lamp kit itself and uses a Bluetooth signal between your phone and the lamp. This stops any reliance upon WIFI networks and mobile signals. Not having lamp data on your phone but within the lamp itself also means that it is the lamp that is running the programme and that there is no chance of interference if you change phones, the internet goes down or you have third-party interference.

Lamps controlled by the LumenIZE® app can REDUCE the average energy spent per lamp by 30%. Yes, running a basic dawn to dusk with a 4-hour midday will save energy. For those of us with lots of lamps, this can equate to a large energy saving, lowering Co2 emissions and increasing welfare by lowering stressors and stopping this ‘on full power/off in a flash’ system of care that we have had.

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Can you use the lamps without the app?

Manual control of each lamp within the LumenIZE® App is simple. Simply ensure that the button next to the slider is pressed to show the ‘off position’. This means that the automated programme is ‘off’ and you have manual control. This will allow you to manually adjust lamps should you so wish. You must, however, press the button on the right of the manual slider to the ‘on’ position for the automated programme of your choice to run.  

If manual control is lost at any time, please press the ‘full power test’ button 3 times and wait. Usually, this is either due to a poor Bluetooth signal or the lamp is already midway through a process and cannot be interrupted. Manual control will return when this process has been completed. This is usually within 2 mins of switching from ‘programme ON’ to ‘programme off’.  

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